Tutorials and Demos

Gimp 2.8 is a powerful and free image manipulation program, comparable to Photoshop. These brief tutorials show how to use various features of Gimp 2.8, and the demos show techniques you can use right away to get the most out of Gimp 2.8. Other free plugins and addons are also shown, including the G'MIC filters and Wavelet Decompose.
IBM (Lotus) Notes and Domino
IBM Notes (formerly known as IBM Lotus Notes) is an enterprise mail and application platform. IBM Domino (formerly known as IBM Lotus Domino) is an enterprise web and application server that may be used along with Notes. These brief tutorials show tips, tricks and techniques for accomplishing many things with Notes and Domino.
CoexLinks and Midas Rich Text LSX
Tutorials and demos on two of Genii Software's products that extend IBM Notes/Domino in the areas of coexistence, migration and rich text manipulation.
Tech Noir stories
Short stories in a noir style with lessons to teach about various software products, all with a heavy dose of innuendo and humor.
What's New?

AF#7 Modernize Your Data: Tables (India) (AppsFidelity)

This is a mini-entry in a series of planned videos on AppsFidelity, and how it is used to 'modernize' your data, showing tables rendered for an Indian audience.

AF#8 CKEditor: Attach demo (AppsFidelity)

This is a mini-entry in a series of videos on CKEditor, some as it applies to AppsFidelity, but most not.

AF#6 Modernize Your Data: Doclinks and XPages (AppsFidelity)

This is the second is a series of planned videos on AppsFidelity, and how it is used to 'modernize' your data.
In this video, I address a question raised on StackOverflow about how doclinks are lost when XPages renders the rich text to MIME. There seems to be a limit (around 1200) before XPages simply stops rendering. I decided to test and see if AppsFidelity fixes the problem. It does, and also displays the doclinks the way they are displayed in Notes. Additionally, the doclinks work as web links when you are on the web. and as regular doclinks when you are in Notes, no matter where you edit the document.

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