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GIMP#16 Splashy Text in 60 seconds: using the Blend tool (Gimp 2.8)

There are many ways to create fancy text in Gimp 2.8, and many tutorials showing you, but few are as simple and fast as this technique.

1) Create the text in a color which contrasts sharply with the background (either white or black usually work).

2) Select either one letter with the Color tool or all the letters with a rectangular select followed by a fuzzy select set to Intersect mode.

3) Use the Blend tool, which I also call the gradient tool, and set the Shape to Shaped (spherical). This creates a shape that hugs the border of the selection, which is the entire layer if nothing is selected.

4) Try out a colorful gradient, best if it does not have any transparency. If you don't like it, just hit clear (which will delete the selection but leave the space selected) and try another.

Rough transcript:
This is Ben Langhinrichs with Genii Software presenting a mini-lesson on Splashy Text.

Here we have some very non-splashy text, we're going to make every letter different just for the sake of doing it.

We'll use the Color tool to select a letter, then to the Blend tool and change Shape to Shaped (spherical), then pick a garish color and see what it does to the text.

Now, we'll go through and select each letter and try out a number of different blends to see what we come up with.

Hurrying through so that you can see the effects.

I'm going to do all of the "with Gimp 2.8" in the same blend. I select it all, then use the Fuzzy select on Intersect mode so I get all the black text, and then go to the Blend tool again. I'll choose one more, Golden this time, and I'll change that on the selected text.

And that's what it takes. Thank you very much.

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