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MIDAS#17 Midas for Non-Developers Part 1: To CSV (Midas Rich Text LSX)

Midas for Non-Developers: In this series, we will look at how the Midas LSX can be used by administrators or users who have no development experience in Notes, and who may not even have Domino Designer. Each lesson will focus on a separate Notes database which is ready to use out of the box, though it would be best if the database were signed by an administrator to prevent ECL errors.
Part 1: Export to CSV: In the first of the series, we demonstrate the Export to CSV database. In this, a customer can specify a database and location and export all the documents ibn the database to CSV format. Each form is exported to a separate CSV file, with every field (except a few non-essential Notes system fields) represented unless the user chooses a subset of fields or a different order than the standard. Rich text fields are represented in HTML/XHTML and included in the CSV. Images may be included internally or exported to disk from where they can be imported separately. Links between documents may be preserved in a variety of ways.
Once the export is done, the CSV can be imported into SharePoint or another SQL or other database which takes CSV input. The process is very fast and scales well. No changes are necessary to prepare the databases to be exported, and the Export to CSV will work equally well on databases with a locked design, such as 3rd party databases from a proprietary vendor who is no longer in business or cannot provide details on the databases.
The Export to CSV database requires that Midas LSX 5.x be installed along with a valid license file, but an auto-install document in the database will take care of this installation silently if the license and software have been added to it.

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