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MIDAS#20 Domino Blog to WordPress: Using CSV to migrate posts (Midas LSX)

This brief demo shows a technique using the Export to CSV sample with Midas V5.11 to generate custom columns from a database using the IBM Domino Blog template into a CSV file that can be used to import to WordPress. The idea came from Alan Lepofsky who wants to do just that. It is likely that the exact field definitions will be enhanced as we go through some real world blogs and see where slight tweaks are needed (for example, the fields having to do with podcasts or with extra HTML.
The new Export to CSV 1.4 sample db will be up on the Midas LSX sample page as soon as Midas 5.11 is released, probably Sept. 4, 2014. In the meantime, the field definitions show look like this:
Inline JPEG image

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