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NOTES#4 Hide Your Unmentionables: Using Internet Site Rules (IBM Domino)

In this self-referential lesson, we show how we shortened the URLs on mini-lessons.info to allow links such as http://mini-lessons.info/Notes3 for this lesson. The complexity of the database can easily be hidden, as well as the fact that it is hosted by Domino, if that is of concern to you.

Pro tips:

While it wasn't shown in the demo, it is a good idea to add a catch-all rule such as the below for the database itself. If you go to http://mini-lessons.info, you will see that the image resources are shown as mini-lessons.info/db/mini-lessons.gif and such.

You should also be sure that views use the calculated URLs. With web views, this is simply a matter of creating your own <a href="/db/"+rest> links. We don't use views directly in mini-lessons.info, but only as embedded views.

Rough transcript:
This is Ben Langhinrichs with Genii Software presenting a mini-lesson on using Domino's Internet Site Rules to "Hide Your unmentionables" or in other words to hide the complexities in your URLs.

If we go to Mini-Lessons.info, you'll notice we go straight to the database. If we click on one of the menu buttons, we'll go to Mini-Lessons.info/Gimp. Again, no database mentioned.

Go down and this page has a number of different lessons on Gimp, the photo-manipulation tool. Go to Notes/Domino and similarly we will see Notes/Domino lessons. But if we want to go to a specific lesson, such as Notes#1, which is the first lesson on here, we can change the URL to say Notes1, we'll go to a page with that individual lesson but also allows for feedback at the bottom.

The way we accomplish these shortened URLs that hide the ugly is that we go to our Domino directory (NAMES.NSF) on our server, go to Internet Sites under the Web category and for each website -- there are multiple ones on this server -- we go in the website document.

This is the one for Mini-Lessons.info. It is not the Default website on this server. If we go under the Configuration tab, we'll see Lessons.nsf. That's the primary database for Mini-Lessons.info

We can also set up these website rules. For instance, this is for /About which goes to a specific page. You will see that we have Substitution rules and Redirection rules. A "Redirection" would replace the URL in the search bar, but a "Substitution" leaves the URL the same, which hides things.

Now, what we have is a rule for each of our topics, such as Gimp where we'll have a URL pattern which is /Gimp* (slash Gimp asterisk) and then this whole long mess. You'll notice at the end of the replacement is an asterisk. That will be replaced with whatever was after Gimp in the original pattern. Now, we have one of these rules for each topic, so under Notes, we have a rule with a /Note* or slash Notes asterisk and again it goes to the end and replaces the asterisk.

Back in here when we had Mini-Lessons.info/Notes1, that was replaced. Inside our database, we recognize that as a specific Lesson document.

So that's how you use Domino's Internet Site Rules. Thank you, and visit Mini-Lessons.info for more mini-lessons on Notes and other topics.

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