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Tech Noir stories

Ben Langhinrichs, creator of the mini-lessons on this site, is also a short story author. Among other types, he writes a number of innuendo-laden stories in a style he calls Tech Noir. Some of these were originally posted as stories on the Genii Blog, but have now been recorded as videos for your listening pleasure.

If you enjoy these stories and are curious about other stories Ben has pu8blished, see Savage Fire, his collection of 16 stories is available in eBook form at most on-line bookstores inclduing: (Kindle US$), (Kindle CDN$), (Kindle GBP)
Barnes & Noble (Nook/EPUB US$/GBP)
Smashwords: (All formats, accepts PayPal US$/GBP/Euro€)

TECHNOIR#2 Size Matters: a Crystal Coex case file (story)

Crystal Coex cares about her customers... in a big way. In this case, she helps an extremely large German company solve a very hard problem with Notes doclinks... and without Duffbert. 
Genii Software product referenced: CoexLinks.
Copyright (c) 2013 Ben Langhinrics. All Rights Reserved.

TECHNOIR#1 Luck Be a Lady Tonight : a Mike Midas case file (story)

Mike Midas tackles the case of Annika, a Swedish hottie with hotlinks to send and money to burn, but he runs into rocky territory when he hears the details.
Genii Software products referenced: Midas Rich Text LSX and CoexLinks.
Copyright (c) 2013 Ben Langhinrics. All Rights Reserved.

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