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Video Editing Mini-Lessons

Video Editing will cover techniques for creating, editing and finishing videos. Most will use Camtasia 8, though same may use other video editing software as well as audio editing with Audacity.

VIDEO#1 Animated Flowchart: Video Editing Technique (Camtasia 8)

This brief demo shows a video editing technique which animates a flowchart by moving a highlight box from step to step in the flowchart. The software used is TechSmith's Camtasia 8, but the basic technique can easily be replicated in other professional video editing software. For example, the Visual Properties and Animations are found in Adobe Premiere Pro under the Effects menu, and the Transitions are found under the Effects/Video Transitions menu.
The basic technique is to use a single "frame" image which has an easily distinguishable border and a transparent center. The frame used in this demo, frame.png, is attached below. This image is included in the timeline just once, but the animations added to the image shift it from element to element in the flowchart, changing size where desired, and animate the move. In places where a bend happens, there is an animation to the bend and then from the bend to the next bend or element. Pauses are put on each element so that the frame stops and highlights the element.
Pro tip: In a video using this technique, you could put different text below the flowchart or change the image or video behind the flowchart. To change the background image or video, make sure that the flowchart is saved with a transparent background so that the background can be seen. Both the highlight frame and the flowchart would have to be above the background images/video.
Pro tip: Very short videos without fancy transitions behind the image can also be produced as animated GIFs. If they will repeat, you can add a transition at the end to make the leap to the beginning more palatable since the GIF is likely to repeat over and over.

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